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“Everything went silent when we kissed.”—The Best Six-Word Memoirs Of The Week

Best Sixes of the Week 20141018-24Ah, love. It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries, greatest joys, and greatest struggles. This week’s Sixes explored the many sides of love—from its divine, transformative powers (“Everything went silent when we kissed”), to its complicated, digital-age iterations (“Jumped on Tinder bandwagon; tired fingers.”). Sometimes we discover love in it’s purest form: between a parent and a child (“Until my daughter, never had cheerleader.”). —Caroline Goldstein

Ed. Note: these backstories are worth a read—click the links to check them out.

Hottest Millenial phenomenon: Jumped on Tinder bandwagon; tired fingers.” —dimsumdolly

Most heartwarming:Until my daughter, never had cheerleader.” —Solstice22

Best premise for a romance movie:Have fallen in love. Might stay.” —leslieacrowley

Saddest evidence of cultural differences:Jewish parents vetoed non-Jewish girlfriend: HEARTBROKEN!” —AmisReklaw

Most poetic enlightenment: Everything went silent when we kissed.” —BecomingLuke

Best juxtaposition: You are the perfect wrong decision.”—TaliaKE

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