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“Freedom comes with responsibility you see.” The Best Six-Word Memoirs Of The Week

Best Six (JUNE 28 - JULY 4)-01

Americans celebrate the Fourth of July with fanfare, food, and coolers full of fun! It’s the day of freedom, picnics, fireworks and more. That’s why this week’s best memoirs honor our beloved Day of Independence. Our Sixers touched on the holiday’s meaning (“Freedom comes with responsibility you see.”), it’s festivities (“Getting sparklers ready for July spells.”), and the joy a day off can bring (“Spending 4th forgetting about my job.”). One thing is certain—the Six Words community commemorates together and we celebrate with words (six, of course). –Gilmarie Brioso

Most Ready-for-a-Break: “Spending 4th forgetting about my job.” –MsKillie

Hottest: “Summer fireworks singed door to heaven.” –CanadaGoose

Most Novel: “First Independence Day as an independent.” –AQScott

Most Whimsical: “Getting sparklers ready for July spells.” –Bevvie

Toughest Narrative Arc: “Freedom comes with responsibility you see.” –fairman

Most Thrilled: “Give me sparklers and overburdened lawn-chairs!” –G_Austin

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