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Top State of the Union In Six

The second decade of the second millennium has been a wild ride so far, and it doesn’t seem to be  slowing down anytime soon. For SixContest #133, we wanted to check in on the State of the Union. You wrote about quarantine (“2020 passport: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, Facebook.“-LynneWein), and reopening (“They see parties; I see masks.”-EllieAhn). You shared your thoughts about the protests (“Put money where your march is.“-jaceylane), dreams for the future (“Change: Six letter word for hope” –Solstice), and calls to action (“Vote. Your life depends on it.” –Edinrose; Raise new monuments to unity, justice.”—SF51girl). Some were optimistic (“A brighter future? Just clicks away.” –emerauds), while others’ glasses were half empty (“The future’s shrinking. Better call everybody.”-wescoll). In the end, we’re all in agreement with ElenaL.:”It’s surreal to live in America.”

Here are our Top 6 States of the Union.

6. “Respect science, respect nature, respect people.” –baldingbybay

5. “Recycle the news cycle. Rinse. Repeat.” –Overlooking-A-Lake

4. “Circus now hiring, sanity not required.”Glitterqueen

3. “Under construction: ‘A more perfect union.‘” –G_Austin

2. “Now the Divided States of America.” –NumbrOneAunt

And the winner is…

1. “It’s tragically wounded, but hopefully fixable.” –TealJay 

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