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“My ouija board only uses emoticons.” The Best Six-Word Memoirs Of The Week

Best Six (Today)-01-2

We are incredibly visual creatures. As writers, our words leap off the page to fill that need and images propel those words even further. Not only do our Sixers fashion fantastic images through words, they understand the power images bring to their memoirs. This week’s best memoirs are flooded with imagery. Some of our Sixers’ photos make their words abundantly vivid (“Growing hops for privacy, not beer.”); others add interesting twists to their tales (“Strands of pain tangled in happiness.”). These images create another layer of meaning, making the memoirs more scintillating and profound. —Gilmarie Brioso

Most Modern:My ouija board only uses emoticons.” —JohnBigJohn

Best Green Thumb:Growing hops for privacy, not beer.” —canadafreeze

Most Foreign:Sketching unfamiliar faces of unfamiliar people.” —SmokeForScience

Toughest Narrative Arc:Strands of pain tangled in happiness.” —MissUnderstood

Most Honest:I’m not fat. I’m just McAmerican.” —spelly78_fromtwitter

Most Turbulent:On stormy seas. Need a lighthouse.” —alipie

Plus! Check out the wonderful memoirs from the fifth grade class at Riverdale Country School, whose students paired their words with images to reflect on their year.

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