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Our Top Six—Caption Contest Week Eight: Duck Dynasty

Week eight of the Caption Contest focused on the controversial, yet oddly obsession-inducing show “Duck Dynasty” as seen on A&E. The Robertson family has gained much recognition since the show’s premiere in 2012 and their notoriety continues to grow. Though the opinions have ranged from one end of the spectrum to the next, there’s no denying this Duck Dynasty has no trouble capturing attention! Here are our Top Six picks from week eight:

1. “My ducks often watch Redneck Dynasty.” —BanjoDan

2. “Lord, bless us for these ducks.” —Emily

3. “These guys really quack me up.” —Staraj

4. “Duck Family Robertson…marooned on A&E” —liberata

5. “Camouflage cannot hide their true intent.” —notyouraveragegirl

6. “What a fake bunch of duckholes.”  —MsKillie

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