SixContest Winners! Our top 6 “firsts” in six words

“Remembering summers past. Enjoying summer’s presents.” The Best Six-Word Memoirs Of The Week

Best Six (JUN 21-JUN 27)-01

June’s Solstice sparked a slew of summertime sixes. The Six-Word community loves this season, embracing its beauty (“Orange sunset introduces the longest day.”) and exploring its ability to transform (“At 57, finally enjoying summer camp.”). Summer is an enchanting time (“Summer put the soul in Solstice.”), when people are carefree and daring. They bask in the freedom warm weather brings. –Gilmarie Brioso

Most Vivid: “Orange sunset introduces the longest day.” –CanadaGoose

Best Metamorphosis: “She was popular until that summer.” –MissUnderstood

Best Spirit: “Summer put the soul in Solstice.” –DynamicDbytheC

Most Joy: “His summer employment: building sand castles.” –CanadaGoose

Most Fulfilled: “At 57, finally enjoying summer camp.” –Ms.Nan

Most Pensive: “Remembering summers past. Enjoying summer’s presents.” –l8leigh

Plus! There’s one more week left for SixContest #30! What would you write in the summer season’s clear, blue skies? Come up with your best skywriting message in Six Words.


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