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RIP Prince: We Put The Right Letters Together

Cover-PurpleRainOne of the many surprises the Six-Word Memoir community has brought to me, each other and those outside the virtual walls of this space is how it responds to death, whether it’s a death directly effecting one of our own in the community or that of someone famous out there in the world. I’ve always said that some of the best Sixes—or any form of stories we tell—come in times of great happiness and great sorrow. (The one time I myself was made “Memoirist of the Day” was when I shared, “Hitchhiked to delivery room; blizzard boy!” when my son was born.)

If you happened to wake up very late on April 21 and went to before seeing or hearing the news, you’d still know the story that shocked the world: Prince had died. In the minutes, hours and days that followed, Sixers shared their thoughts on the incomparable Prince. One week after his death—and an deluge of tributes across the world—here are six six-word tributes (some sixes include wonderful backstories if you click through).

Purple Rain running down my cheeks. —MO_Thoughts2

Thinking back on brush with Prince. —G. Austin (backstory)

Lovesexy: soundtrack of summer of ’88.Larry_D._Smith (backstory)

Prince, Hendrix playing  Purple Rain, Haze. —@hikealot2014

Reign, “Rain.” The pain won’t wane. —@KathrynDiPasqua

RIP Prince: Nothing compares to you. —ChristineMacdonald

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