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Rob Delaney knows where time goes…#TimeFlies

The final day of our @SixWords Festival on Twitter, just like the others, started out with a bang…TRENDING again today thanks to the phenomenal Rob Delaney. His followers always make time for Rob and were eager to answer our challenge “Where does all the time go?” SO eager, many of them showed up early…nearly an hour early…but @sixwords opened the door and said: “Come. On. In.”

And the winner, as chosen by Rob Delaney himself, is… “Try asking it. Time will tell.” by @RMJ837,

With some many incredible #TimeFlies responses, all of our time went to choosing our own Top Six from the Six-Word editors:

You’re not alone—celebrities also lose track of time:

Thanks for everyone who joined in the #sixwords fun, and a big thanks to Rob Delaney and his fans who catapulted #TimefFlies and #SixWords to the top of the trending list.

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