SixContest Winners! Our top 6 “firsts” in six words

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Last week was our first ever Six-Word Festival On Twitter, three days of #SixWords prompts and amazing responses from Six-ers like you, celebrity judges and some noteworthy drop-in's.  You kept us busy: we had trending tags on Twitter for three days straight. The Festival showcased the versatility of the Six-Word story form, from funny to heartbreaking and everything in between. Here are a few highlights, too good not to share: Best Surprise Celebrity Appearance:

Best Daily Affirmation: Most Thought-Provoking:

Six-Word Fest has come and gone (6). But let us not shed tears (6). On September 24 at 1pm EST we opened up the festival floodgates and sent out the first Six-Word prompt, inviting anyone and everyone with a Twitter handle and a love of storytelling to tweet out Six-Word responses. Things got pretty wild; more than 25,000 tweets tagged #sixwords poured in, #sixwords trended nearly non-stop for the three days. Countless celebrities — Ricky Gervais, Mark Hoppus, and Judah Friedlander, to name a few — joined our short-form celebration with their own Sixes. Throughout the fest, editors here at Six-Word Memoirs have been sharing our personal favorite submissions from each prompt with you. But now it’s time to give props to the winners as selected by our fine crew of celebrity judges. Here they are, prompt by prompt: “Six words that mean you’re lying” For the winning submission, our judge, comedian/actor/writer/legend Michael Ian Black chose a line that I'm sure he is sick of hearing: