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Best of the Fest: “Glad I didn’t get caught when….” #NotSoSecretSix

On Day Two of the Six-Word Festival on TwitterRob Delaney revealed his ever-devious side with his #notsosecretsix, “I caressed your father’s meat loaf.” Judge Alex Ferrer also ruled over the prompt with a hilarious fervor, weighing in with “I wore nothing underneath my robe.

JudgeAlexFerrer“Glad I didn’t get caught when….” was the perfect prompt for Orange is the New Black fans. @SociallyMaria was glad not to get caught when she “Binged watched #OITNB without my husband.” The real life @Piper also joined in with ‘“Glad I Didn’t Get Caught When’ ‘…I carried that bag of money.’ Oh, wait.” And her partner-in-crime @larrysmith also took us back to that time with “2004: Snuck Valentine’s chocolate into prison.”

They weren’t alone—countless tales of mischief were shared at a breakneck pace. Here are six favorites from this prompt:

Ed. Note: We are pretty sure Tim is male.

Make sure to follow @SixWords to see the winner! In our next challenge, we shift gears as Sesame Street takes the lead with “Six-Word Letter to My 3-Year-Old Self” (#sixwordletter).


  • Pamela Jones
    June 5, 2014

    This was soo much fun everyone needs to join in the next one I’m preparing now wahahaha!!

  • Pamela Jones
    June 5, 2014

    Idk why my pics not showing thank you & thank you @judgealexferrer #notsosecretsix had a blast!!

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