SixContest Winners! Our top 6 “firsts” in six words

Six-Word Motto for the U.S. of A (on GMA!)

flag.jpgStephen J. Dubner, a Not Quite What I Was Planning six-word memoirist (“On the seventh word, he rested”) who’s, um, slightly better known for co-authoring Freakonomics was just on Good Morning America talking about his “Six-Word Motto for the USA” contest. Inspired by SMITH Mag’s six-word memoir project and Britain’s search for a new motto, Dubner asked readers of his wildly popular blog for a new six-word slogan for America. Thousands responded with a mixture of what Dubner calls a “dead split between patriots and hatriots,” from “America: Chasing Despots the World Over” to “”World Series! Super Bowl! American Idol!”

And the winner? “Our worst critics prefer to stay.”

Get lost for the rest of the day pouring over these gems at the six-word motto comments area. Watch Dubner on Good Morning America.

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