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Six-Word Search: Graduation

For some graduates, leaving the familiar world of their high school or college and transitioning into what is often described as the “real world” is purely exciting, a simultaneous beginning and ending that offers a host of new opportunities, all built on the solid foundation from which they are graduating. For others, however, graduation can be a time of trepidation as they leave the comforting niche of higher ed. Graduation can be a painful farewell for those who aren’t ready to leave, or for those who are left behind.

This famous rite of passage, in all its emotional complexity, is captured in your Six-Word Memoirs. You told us about your pride at earning your diploma, the struggles and doubts you faced along the way, and even about your own surprise when you actually succeeded. Parents and grandparents lauded their loved ones’ achievements and told us how much their graduates would be missed. Fears were confessed, dreams described, childhoods mourned, and metaphorical caps tossed, all in six-word packages.

Here we have compiled just a few of the vast collection of your thoughts on graduation. For more, visit the featured memoirs page or, to see several illustrated memoirs on gradation, the Six-Word Memoir Tumblr.

Shackled ’til graduation. Free ’til death.

–  jman94xx

My graduation present… was my daughter.

– browneyedangel86

Graduation near. Not finding work feared.


Outdoor graduation: audience applauded, thunder clapped.

– Contemplative

Graduation day. Goodbye, my babies.

– Sabel

Graduation party tomorrow, then real life.

– moeann

Student requested my presence at graduation.

– marymc

I watched Disney after college graduation.

–  Hannahmiller

Graduation comes. Friends leave. Life restarts.

– udelorotha

Fear of graduation… like divorcing childhood.

– turtle12

Graduation speaker. Parents proud. Mission accomplished.

– chrissyj

Yawning behind Obama at graduation: priceless.

– FinchGirl

Joy, frustration, graduation; then… real life.

– KayBoss

Finally proved them all wrong. Graduating.

– BecomingLogyn

A marriage ends as child graduates.

– lovelylizard

One more grandchild’s graduation, then great’s.


“D” stands for Diploma. Still graduating.

– GabrielaFausto

Graduation looming; senioritis in full bloom.

– PrincessLief

Caps and gowns. Ups and downs.

– MLEwritergirl

To-do: frame shopping for son’s diploma.

– BanjoDan

Times are changing. Finally got diploma.

– TomTom


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