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Six-Word Search: Thanksgiving

A very happy Thanksgiving to the Six-Word community!

Fun fact: Thanksgiving is a particularly special time of year for us—Six-Word Memoirs was conceived by our own Larry Smith, with then-SMITH senior editor Rachel Fershleiser, just before Thanksgiving seven years ago. It was initially planned to be a one-month long project, but we all know how that went. As Larry recalls, “I told my family about this new idea on SMITH Mag and they immediately got the concept abd all starting sharing Sixes across the table. ‘I have one for Pop-Pop,’ said my 11-year-old nephew. ‘Memory loss. What was I thinking?’ His little brother, 8, chimed in with, ‘Can’t wear tie-dye everyday, want to.’ (Really seven words but back then I wasn’t such a good counter). And from there the Six-Word world grew in ways beyond my wildest dreams.”

Between your days of loud relatives and stomachs bloated to the point of contusion, keep your friends at Six Words in mind and share your Sixes with us!

Here are some of our favorite Sixes about Thanksgiving, gratitude, and the stuffing of one’s face:

It’s about family, gratitude, and STUFFING!!! —L2L3

Stuffed pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Since extremely grateful. —Contemplative

Let pumpkin flavored stuff season commence! —ErikaStellar

Thankful I am not a turkey. —jl333

Found Viagra under the Thanksgiving table —TwoScoops

Been force-feeding my turkey Jack Daniels. —Loon

My mouth needs it; thighs don’t. —Tleaf

Constantly thanking God for inventing cleavage. —Steve__Anthony

Always grateful there’s a delete button. —MotorCityMich

Thank God for my high metabolism. —Anamareally

Thanksgiving was crazy. And well spent. —HopeInPain

Trying to be grateful for employment. —Jnag76

Why do calories taste so good? —Catzenpewters

Gratitude in abundance this Thanksgiving week. —Solstice22

Eat till sleep, Sleep till eat. —indiesweaters

My food relationship status: it’s complicated. —ChaosCalling

It’s Thanksgiving, Mom. Not the apocalypse. —Savita

Add to the gratitude jar daily. —LynneWeinberger

Came home whole. Thankful every day. —accidental tourist

Food poisoning cleared me for Thanksgiving.  —favepeep

bought running shoes for thanksgiving turkeys  —BanjoDan

You all strengthen me. Thank you.—LetTheWolfin


  • Solstice22
    November 27, 2013

    The six by Savita last year was always my favorite! Good to see it again! And a good to remember message about keeping things in perspective on this wonderful holiday of giving thanks! 🙂

  • PeaceBWY
    November 28, 2013

    Grateful even for the smallest things. ♥

  • Jl333
    November 28, 2013

    These are all fantastic sixes! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

  • bevvie
    November 28, 2013


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