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Emergency room workers in the time of Covid are sharing why they do what they do in Six Words.

SixContest Pitches: We Asked, You Answered!


Labor Day weekend is quickly approaching—which means the unofficial end of summer—so Team Six Words took a quick breather and passed our thinking caps over to you! With no theme off-limits for SixContest #59, “In Six Words, Pitch a SixContest,” your ideas ranged from personal (“We’re not perfect. Six your weakness.” —mytaphrodite) and political (“Most interesting campaign slogans in Six.” —Maeva) to nostalgic (“Describe your favorite teacher in six.” —ksan) and thoughtful (“The ultimate compliment, give or take.” —TeaTopper). We might need another break to recover because your incredible responses made it nearly impossible for us to pick a Top Six this week!

6. “Your original pick-up line, in six!” —elmc

5. “The worst love story ever told.” —@sarahsayswrite (via Twitter)

4. “If I were class president I’d…” —ShellDeFelice

3. “The best advice you never followed.” —G_Austin

2. “Your most creative excuse in Six?” —L2L3

And the winning pitch, which will inspire our next SixContest, is…

1. “Describe your dream job in Six.” —ADHDean

Congratulations, ADHDean, and thanks to everyone who made this new spin on our SixContest a success. Not only did ADHDean inspire our next contest, he’ll also receive a copy of our latest book in the best-selling Six-Word Memoirs series, The Best Advice in Six Words, due out November 3, 2015. Start thinking of those #SixWordDreamJob entries, but first, give yourself a well-deserved break and save them until SixContest #60 begins on August 31.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: With so many intriguing pitches, we’ve decided to feature more of your ideas in the coming months—with proper attribution, of course. Keep an eye out to see if your pitch becomes a future SixContest!]

Whether in our SixContests, on FacebookInstagramTwitterTumblr or at—keep on Sixing!

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