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    Classroom of the Month: In Beverly, Mass. six-word pandemic stories connect a community.

    “Swam in mud. Recovered inner lotus.”—The Best Six-Word Memoirs Of The Week

    Best Sixes of the Week ending 11:14:14There’s something about the nature of change—whether it’s time passing, relationships evolving, or perspectives shifting—that effects us deeply. This week, Sixers shared their insights on change in its most intimate and reflective iteration: personal growth. From the playful (“Why not purple hair at 35?”) to the hopeful (“Lived past prognosis. Sky’s the limit.”), our memoirists found positivity in a process that might otherwise be daunting. Although transitions are inevitable, these Sixes emphasize that we should embrace those silver linings (“Stop counting minutes, start counting memories.”). —Caroline Goldstein

    Most appreciative: “Lived past prognosis. Sky’s the limit.” —Happy_Traveler

    Best rejuvenation: “Swam in mud. Recovered inner lotus.” —Amapola 

    Most grounded: “I bloomed where I was planted.” —liberata 

    Best shift: “Stop counting minutes, start counting memories.” —resigned_to_obscurity

    Most expressive: “Why not purple hair at 35?” —renkathebrave 

    Healthiest perspective: “Change the world by changing perceptions.” —Artistgirl

    Plus! We’re grateful for our robust community of inspired storytellers! Be sure to tell us “What You’re Thankful for in Six…” This SixContest ends Wednesday, 11/26 at 3pm ET.


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