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The Six Words App: How It Works

Six Word app - collageThe Six Words app is here!

It’s happened to all of us. You think of a great six. Then—poof!—it’s forgotten too soon. We’ve solved that problem for you. Six in line at the market. Six while basking at the beach. Read, write, share—anytime or anywhere. The Six Words app is here!

How does it work? It’s simple.


1. The bottom row is your navigation:

App - bottom row - smallerAll Sixes  |  Featured | Write | Profile | Store


2. Write a Six-Worder on any topic.

App - topics- smaller  See that square? Click for topics.


3. Include a photo with your story.

App - add photo- smaller     You can select from your camera. Or simply take a new picture.


4. Get social! Share your six words.

App - share- smallerHow to share? Top right corner.


5. Comment, favorite, view your profile.

Six Word app - My Stories - smaller


6. View “The Daily Six” and “Editor’s Note.”

Six Word app - main screen - smallerDon’t want to see them? Easy. Slide finger across to hide either.
Check out this “hide this” example:

six app - hide daiiy six


Download the Six Words App on iTunes.

It’s free! Available only for iPhone (for now!) and you can download the iPhone version for your iPad.

Questions? Comments? Bugs? Email: techie AT smithmag DOTNET.  Please include:  1. Version number; 2. Screenshots if possible. 3. Explanation of what path, clicks or other events led to the problem.


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