SixContest winners! Kindness is not random but your Top Six Random Acts of Kindness are extra special!

The Top Rhymes in Six Words


Microphone check—one, two, one, two. If you like to rhyme, SixContest #74 is for you. Our entries were lyrical (“Lots of bling, never my thing.” —Susan_Breeden) and a few spun political (“Not enthusiastic about selections this election.” —maryjane31). Some of our scribes brought the throwback vibe (“Hotel. Motel. Old school. Too cool.” —Bevvie) and a shout-out “like” by MC Hammer left us feeling enamored. Here are the Top Six rhymes we found sublime:

6. “Those who rule us, fool us.” —@lynco (via Twitter)

5. “I tried. She died. I cried.” —babsalot (Ed. Note: see below for this poignant backstory)

4. “Prince has passed. Rain will last.” —torturedbutterfly

3. “Hearts my igniter, dreams my empire.” —justinchance

2. “Her auburn hair kept me there.” —caralongwrites

And the one who threw down and took the crown . . .

1. “Being an enigma is my stigma.” —@EugeneEvon (via Twitter)

Congratulations to @EugeneEvon and thanks to all who participated! Whether in our SixContests, on FacebookInstagramTwitterTumblr or at—keep on Sixing!

Backstory to “I tried. She died. I cried.” —babsalot
“This is for Shari, who took her own life. I knew she was going to do it when she found a home for her beloved dog. I warned her family. They didn’t believe me. I have felt guilty every day since. RIP my amazing friend.”


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