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The Top Six-Word Summer Road Trips


Summer is the time when we yearn to get away. And there are no two words that invoke a grander feeling of freedom then: “road trip.” For SixContest #79, we asked for your stories about traveling the open road. From family trips (“Everywhere we traveled, Dad knew someone.” –CJProArtz) to life-changing solo journeys (“Different person returned after 4,000 miles.” –ChewyD2), your tales remind us that every pit stop provides an opportunity for adventure. If you’re looking to avoid a case of FOMO this summer (“Cherries for sale; we never stopped.” –GrannyGreg) — pack the essentials, grab the keys and hit the road, Jack!

Need more inspiration yet to hit the road? These Top Six will help you get a move on:

6. “Missed turn… Next exit 50 miles!” –pockets

5. “Road trips are books on wheels.” –BanjoDan

4. “Beach ahead, worries behind, memories forever.” –@THEMarkElliott (via Twitter)

3. “Kerouac was correct about Des Moines.” –JRE23

2. “Left as friends. Came back lovers.” –Opheliac

And the road trip of the lifetime goes to…

1. “Summer 1986: We sponged across America.”  –G_Austin

Backstory: We had a deadline August 26th 1986, $200.00 between us, a 1984 Mazda B2000 truck, a map and loose plans. My good friend Doug and I set out to drive across the country before we left for the Army. We would be picked up by our recruiter early that morning in August. The end of summer… [Read the full backstory here!]

Congratulations to G_Austin and thanks to all who participated! Whether in our SixContests, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or at sixwordmemoirs.com—keep on Sixing!

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