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Top "Bad" Poems in Six Words

Good poetry can be fulfilling, but bad poetry can be utterly entertaining! For SixContest #58, in honor of National Bad Poetry Day, we asked for your best of the worst in just Six Words. There were cleverly terrible spins on old classics (“A talking raven? Seriously? Well, nevermore.” —MelB) and a bounty of beautifully awkward verses (“Poetry not my thing. Beer, maybe.” —jermball30), reminding us all why bad poetry is such fun (“Will miss daily Bad Poetry laughs.” —Kharis). With over 500 entries on our site and more submissions via social media, this contest is proof that being bad can be oh-so-good! —Abbie Martin Greenbaum

6. “You want a Bad poem? Here.” – NumbrOneAunt

5. “Divorce
Pocket change is what’s left” —@sethpetersonla (via Twitter)

4.  “I choose path of least resistance.”— phant 

3. “I Hunger
For You
Like Brunch” —@davidhitt (via Twitter)

2.  “It’s all, ya know, so deep.”  —  JoC.

And the baddest poem of all…

1. “Pregnancy poem: Peeing Is So Satisfying.” —jellyfishmum

And let’s not forget this Honorable Mention from Instagram — brought to life as a @sixwordselfie:

Congratulations, jellyfishmum, and thanks to everyone who joined in the fun! Whether in our SixContests, on FacebookInstagramTwitterTumblr or at—keep on Sixing!

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