New SixContest: We’re swimming in Sixes! Use “swim” in a Six-Word Memoir

Top Life Through the Ages in Six

This month we asked you to share your life in its many stages through its ages. Some shared some of their earliest memories (“6:My first girlfriend totaled my tricycle” –BanjoDan). Others shared stories of finding an escape (“11: Awake and anxiously awaiting Hogwarts letter“-hannahlaubach), finding love (“22:Married. Moved. Pregnant. Wife. Canadian. Mother”-canadafreeze), and finding themselves (“25: I think I finally found myself” – bmhopkins1992). Many of you shared stories of professional lives ( “50s: Career goals won, loved ones lost“-BigMammaPetunia) and the return to the personal (“70: Made it to retirement. Now what?”prairiedog). Everyone’s life is different, but we do know that you have all shared DynamicDbytheC‘s experience at some point: “53:Found Smithmag. Brevity, Brilliance and Bonding.”

6. “3: Mistaken turd. Dad flushed our pet.” – Oh_Skinny

5. “42: dreams are as strong as ever” – @kim_ann1

4. “65: curmudgeon: a comfortable thing to be” –CapeCodder

3. “19: The dance floor knows my name.” –Maeva

2. “42: Maturity creeps up on soft paws.” – LadyMac

And the winner is…

1. “Teenager—medicated; 20’s—meditated; 30’s—parented; 40’s—work-related; 50’s—mid-century-fated; 60’s—re-invented.” –zsuzsu

Our favorite backstory this month was Oh_Skinny’s story behind these six words: “17: My small town lost its youth.”

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