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Top Lucky Charms in Six Words


A penny may not be worth much anymore, but it’s still valued for the good luck it brings. For SixContest #52, inspired by National Lucky Penny Day on May 23, we asked for your six words on luck in its many forms. From lucky numbers (“8 is great: there’s no debate!”) to charmed gestures (“Lucky spirits lie between crossed fingers.”), you shared a bounty of strategies that bring good fortune your way. Whether you prefer shamrocks, sage, or silent prayers, we wish you luck as you keep Sixing with us!

The luckiest Sixes of the bunch:

6. “Remembering to avoid Mercury in retrograde.” –zsuzsu

5. “Knock wood. Throw salt. Silent prayer.” —FloChamber

4. “Your cancer is still in remission.” —DynamicDbytheC

3. “The two beautiful souls I birthed.” —BigMammaPetunia

2. “Rolling the dice more than once.” —@FanaticalFrog (via Twitter)

And the lucky winner of this contest…

1. “Mantra: Don’t give up on yourself.” —paristexas

Congratulations, paristexas, and thanks to everyone who joined in the fun! Whether in our SixContests, on FacebookInstagramTwitterTumblr or at—keep on Sixing!

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