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Top "May the Force…" Memoirs in Six Words


The Force was felt far and wide in SixContest #51 with more than five hundred submissions on our site and across social media! You channeled your inner Jedi, adding your own three words to complete the Star Wars-inspired quote, “May the Force ___ ___ ___.” Some harnessed that energy to change themselves (such as Contemplative‘s “May the Force become my Choice,” with a powerful
backstory), others called upon the Force to change the world (“May the Force feed the hungry”), and a few of you simply wanted to get your nerd on (“May the force have a Tardis”). While May the 4th Day and Revenge of the Fifth Day have passed, “May the Force be with you” throughout the year.

Here are six entries that were universally loved:

6. “May the Force find The Cure.” —canadafreeze

5. “May the Force lift what sags.” —CanadaGoose

4. “May the Force take my finals.” —@mpwhite95 (via Twitter)

3. “May the Force never need batteries.” —Bevvie

2. “May the Force improve the sequels.” —NY2LA

And our favorite form of the Force…

1. “May the Force ask for consent.” —Gabrielle A. (via Facebook)

Congratulations, Gabrielle, and thanks to everyone who joined in the fun! Whether in our SixContests, on FacebookInstagram, Twitter, Tumblr or at—keep on Sixing!


  • Solstice
    May 9, 2015

    May the Force keep on Sixing!
    These are great! Congratulations to the winners!

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