What would love say to you in Six Words? Larry poses that challenge as a guest on Elizabeth Gilbert’s Letters From Love Newsletter

Top Paradise in Six Words

This month, you took us to your paradise! We went from the East coast (“Maryland steamed crabs. Ice cold beer.” – jaceylane) to the West (“I found a pair-a-dice in Vegas”BanjoDan). Some hung out outside (“Looking at stars on camping trips.” – SF51girl), while others holed up indoors (“My paradise includes an endless library. “- biblioliz). Many of your visions of paradise were personal (“When outer peace mirrors inner peace.” – zsuzu), while others were global (“Clean, fresh water around the world.” – AROD). No matter where you go, AlexHP reminds us that paradise is often just a state of mind: “Paradise is found in letting go.”

Here are our Top Six stories of paradise:

6. “Unlimited lemonades under a shady tree.” – mzejay

5. “Walked away, kept going, found paradise.”ELWitsy 

4. “Country home, 100 acres, no neighbors.” –Joseph J Buchanan

3. “An imaginative boy with a stick”Oh_Skinny

2. “Strawberry fields and the Beatles forever.” – CanadaGoose

And the winner is..

1.“With him, it’s always “Paradise Found”.” – enginethatcould

Congratulations to enginethatcould! We hope your new Six-Word Memoirs key chain finds you in a paradisiacal state of mind.

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