SixContest Winners! Our top 6 “firsts” in six words

Top Paradise in Six Words

This month, you took us to your paradise! We went from the East coast (“Maryland steamed crabs. Ice cold beer.” – jaceylane) to the West (“I found a pair-a-dice in Vegas”BanjoDan). Some hung out outside (“Looking at stars on camping trips.” – SF51girl), while others holed up indoors (“My paradise includes an endless library. “- biblioliz). Many of your visions of paradise were personal (“When outer peace mirrors inner peace.” – zsuzu), while others were global (“Clean, fresh water around the world.” – AROD). No matter where you go, AlexHP reminds us that paradise is often just a state of mind: “Paradise is found in letting go.”

Here are our Top Six stories of paradise:

6. “Unlimited lemonades under a shady tree.” – mzejay

5. “Walked away, kept going, found paradise.”ELWitsy 

4. “Country home, 100 acres, no neighbors.” –Joseph J Buchanan

3. “An imaginative boy with a stick”Oh_Skinny

2. “Strawberry fields and the Beatles forever.” – CanadaGoose

And the winner is..

1.“With him, it’s always “Paradise Found”.” – enginethatcould

Congratulations to enginethatcould! We hope your new Six-Word Memoirs key chain finds you in a paradisiacal state of mind.

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