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    Classroom of the Month: In Beverly, Mass. six-word pandemic stories connect a community.

    Top Really Good/ Really Bad Love Stories

    It was the best of love, it was the worst of love, and this month you shared it all. You wrote about loves that lasted (“Smoothing out wrinkles into old age.” –CanadaGoose) and ones crumbled (“Assumed lover loved me. My bad.” –l8leigh). Some relationships were a perfect fit (“Our jigsaw puzzle’s missing no pieces.”CapeCodder) while others had major issues (“His toenails were a deal breaker.“-Neesha101). When all else fails, we recommend keeping a positive attitude like the unflappable RyanG:Well, Twenty-Third time’s the charm.”

    6. “My car, like my relationship: Clunker”Ellis_Reyes

    5. “Gave up. Then James showed up.” –DynamicDbytheC

    4. “Heart connection, Seattle NY, distance irrelevant”@womanandbiz

    3. “All he wanted was another mother.” –writersue

    2. “Once Burnt. Twice Broken. Third Beloved.”-_Poppy_

    Worst: “Said, ‘Love you.’ Years too late.” –Ecrivain

    Best: “The longest rollercoaster rides are marriages.” –BanjoDan

    Congratulations to SaraAR and BanjoDan on our favorite and least favorite love stories! We’ll be in touch about your prizes: copies of our classic book, “Six Words on Love & Heartbreak.

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