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Top Six “2023: New Laws In Six Words”

From the moment we wake up in the morning to when we hit the snooze button the day after, our big lives are shaped by little laws that we’ve been following forever. History is littered with silly little laws and so for SixContest #148 wanted to know what you would do if you could wave a magic wand — or a few magic strokes of a keyboard  — and declare a new law. Would you be the scary Big Brother, the quirky jester who demands everyone eat only fruits, or a revolutionist changing the world for the better?

While most chose to be the jesters with their sixes (“Mothers-in-law can visit once per century.” — BanjoDan) and “Unseasoned white people chicken is banned.” — whopperfromBurgerKing), Others seem some speak for all of us with (“No more remakes of ’80s classics.”— Kimann1) and “No more Dad jokes this year.” —QuestCrew). Our many students Sixers had strong opinions on how things should be run in their world (“Ban homework over breaks and weekends.” —abh and “No more PDA in the hallways.” —hihihihihihi). Community member Crumer ‘s meta Six is a new law that definitely gets our vote:  “Mandatory only speak in six words.”

Here are our Top Six picks!

6. “Before descending holes, check for rabbits.” — CanadaGoose

5. “Small talk is prohibited until 1pm.” — Neesha101

4. “No more saying cats are sneaky.” — favepeep

3.  “Pads and tampons should be free.” — oliviamae

2. “Crocs will officially be made illegal.” — ZeniEMSGifted

And the winner is…

1. “Teachers get a salary of 100K.” — BenjiDaBeast

Congrulation to BenjiDaBeast! We’re delighted to send you a copy of our book that’s a celebration of teachers, A Terrible, Horrible No Good Year: Stories of the Pandemic by Teachers, Students, and Parents.

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