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Top “Six Words For Your 18-Year-Old Self”

For SixContest #139, we asked community members to write a letter to their eighteen-year-old self. Whether they were struggling with college choice, career paths, or social relationships, Sixers wrote poignant memoirs, many of which were relevant advice for today’s teens.

Sixers asked their past selves to practice compassion and self-love (“You’re weird, it’s good, share it.” — Muscogulus), but some were overtly aware of their own teenage rebellion (“You won’t listen, anyway. Good luck.” — DynamicDbytheC). Some warned their teen selves about life-changing events ( “He will be your traumatic almost.” — Gelay) as well as their inner strength to survive what comes next (“Letting go tranquilizes beasts of fear.” — LizTiz). Sixers considered the grand scheme of life and its mysteries (“It is only a cosmic microsecond.” — jphung); others took a more laid-back, philosophical approach ( “Nothing really matters. Freddie was right.” — Solstice).

Here are our top six picks!

6. “Don’t give away the vinyl records.” — Bevvie

5. “Grownup? Growing up takes a lifetime.” — CanadaGoose

4. “Nourish yourself well physically and spiritually.” — scribbling_scribe

3. “You are dyslexic and it’s okay.” —  BecomingLuke

2.  “Frogs don’t become princes. Like, ever.” — AnnaMac

And the winner of Six Words For Your 18-Year-Old Self is…

1. “Journal everything. Someday, it’ll be amazing.” —  Neesha101

Congratulations Neesha101 for your relatable and uplifting advice! For your memoir, you’ll receive a Six-Word Memoir book of your choice.

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