SixContest Winners! Our top 6 “firsts” in six words

Top Six Words for Your Mate

5.Date Your Mate

This week’s SixContest celebrated “Date Your Mate Month.” Couples used the Six-Word form to describe their perfect date, while all the single ladies—and men—shared memoirs about their ideal mate. There were lots of laughs, lots of love, and even a few zingers, but only six memoirs came out on top. Here are our favorites:

6. “Take me to the stars, baby!” –Samantha Colucci (via Facebook)

5. “I’ll peel. You chop. Let’s cook.” –CatherineL

4. “One without bells, but must whistle.” –Solstice22

3. “Chess in bathtub. Kids at grandma’s.” –moabchick

2. “Perfection doesn’t exist. He’d understand that.” –bohemdeb

And our top-rated Six-Word Memoir is…

1. “Seeking loyalty inside a whiskey drinker.” –@allysonm (via Twitter)

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  • Sami Swan Thompson
    May 20, 2014

    These are all terrific!
    Mine can’t compete, but it’s true for me:
    “Hubby will always be my hero.”
    After 35 years of marriage, it’s still working.

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