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The Top Six-Words on Going Green

For SixContest #110, we asked you to go green. We heard twists on classic turns of phrase (“Hopped over fence, grass the same.”-SugarHigh), references to famous green-faced characters (“Hulk’s resolve with a Kermit demeanor.” –J3nny), and homages to St. Patrick (“Proudly Scottish. Drinking Irish whiskey today.” –Rev.WilltheThrill). Sixers emphasized the green of nature (“Emerald arteries lead to nature’s heartbeat.”–Mosh), the benefit of a green thumb (“Planting seedlings, producing future fifty shades.”-Kharis), and what we can do for the environment (”Off to recycle in my Prius.”-catsmeow). And last but not least, a humble request (“Fine, just don’t ban toilet paper.” –cuzinvin).

Here are our six favorites on going green:

6. “Grass stains. A child’s fashion statement.” – LilahBridget

5. “Gave up plastic for lent… life.” –AQScott

4. “There is not a planet b.”-Lightnin9

3. “And so toxic thoughts turned green.”-Iulia.R.

2. “Heart of gold, feet of clay.” –Lynnieboo

And finally, the top Six on going green:

1) “Their world. Our responsibility. Act accordingly.” – megallwein

Congratulations to Megallwein, who takes the top spot and wins our new Six-Word keychain. Thanks to everyone who contributed—sharing via our SixContest, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or at—keep on Sixing!

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