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Top Six Words on a Gender-Balanced World


Six-Word Memoirs partnered with Emmy-nominated filmmaker & Webby Awards founder Tiffany Shlain and her acclaimed participants on May 10 for the first annual 50/50 Day—a global summit on gender equality. For this special SixContest, we challenged everyone to come up with Six Words on achieving a gender-balanced world. We’re thrilled to help spark this global conversation with brilliant results, a number of which were incorporated into a mural of “Sixes” in Oakland, CA as a collaboration with Intentional Creativity Guild, Big Picture Arts and Oakland School of the Arts (seen on the right).

Although the complexities involve long-standing injustices (“Pussy not an insult, or commodity.” —@Piper), many of the solutions are beautifully simple (“Consider my capability, not my gender.” —@sfillingim3). We’ve made great strides (“We both wore white wedding dresses.” —dnldreams), yet we have more work to do (“Grandmothers riveted, mothers marched; we persist.” —FKA_Liza). Overall, gender equality is a collective effort (“Together, we all make wiser choices.” —@mpesce). Introducing the Top Six memoirs that can guide us to a gender-balanced world:

6. “Wearing a kilt changed my perspective.” —BanjoDan

5. “Glass ceilings become windows with views.” —J3nny

4. “Women supporting women. Power is endless.” —@hikealot2014

3. “Some don’t fit gender binary boxes.” —Rebecca_Stadolnik

2. “Give your son female role models.” —@GreenEyedLilo

And the Six Words that show the power in reframing gender equality: 

1. “Zero controversy around the word Feminism.” —Zayne616

Congratulations, Zayne616, and thanks to everyone who added their voices to this vital conversation! A selection of honorable mentions:

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  • Solstice
    May 13, 2017

    Congratulations, Zayne!! College graduation and Contest win in same week!! Good for you!

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