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“Very few things actually age gracefully.” The Best Six-Word Memoirs of the Week

Best Sixes of the Week 2014 09 26Time is intangible, yet always present. It ebbs and flows depending on the stage of life we find ourselves in. This week’s Sixes explore the many ways time impacts us. A certain hour of the night can bring on a rush of thoughts (“Midnight hour murmurs contemplative, reflective perspectives.”), and sometimes it takes years to put it all in perspective (“So that’s what seven years does.”). These Sixes make it hard to resist rethinking how we view time.
–Allison Volpe

Ed. Note: Click on the memoirs with links to enjoy their backstories and images.

I feel an equinox coming on.” –favepeep

Midnight hour murmurs contemplative, reflective perspectives.” –PoeticPisces

“Very few things actually age gracefully” –Skybluewaters

“I became an adult too fast.” –oddlyartless

So that’s what seven years does.” —dai_dai

“I will procrastinate some more tomorrow.” –maripose

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