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December 2013

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="286"] flickr.com/photos/kendo26/[/caption] Christmas is nearly upon us! The spirit of the season is alive and well here at Six Words—assuming your idea of Christmas includes not only love, generosity, and kindness to strangers, but also shopping anxiety, inter-faith celebration, and some complicated relationships with Santa Claus. A Merry Christmas to all our loyal Six Worders. Enjoy the holidays and have fun!   Here are some of our favorite Christmas-themed Six-Word memoirs:  

Jesus and I share a birthday! -theatregirl2513

There goes Santa. Where’s my car???? -thepoet1

So you've seen the hilarious, clever, heartfelt, Six-Word Memoirs that are constantly being written on this very website. But have you seen Six-Word stories being shared on Twitter with #sixwords? Check it out, then be sure to favorite, retweet, and share your own. For whatever reason, the Sixes on Twitter have a tendency to be more intimate and more explicit. But, as you'll see below, the Twitter Sixes come in all sorts of colors and flavors.

Here are some of our favorite Six-Word Stories posted on Twitter over the past month or so:

https://twitter.com/RadeyLady/statuses/396179869484077057 https://twitter.com/Combitaal/statuses/396221890974715904

Last week's contest celebrating texting and the 21st birthday of the first SMS message had your fingers clicking! Here are six of our favorites:

  1. "Let my fingers do the talking." -xBriex 
  2. "Living in the world of LOL"- Monique 
  3. "Breaking up – just made super easy!"-eleni 
  4. "Generations of cursive down the drain."- TigerROS 
  5. "Remember when beeping someone was high-tech?"-Mzejay
  6. "Fingers clicking, responses whirring, communication instant."- Olivia
As we enter Week Four of our Caption Contest, we honor a man whose actions freed a nation from oppression and whose words spread wisdom and hope around the globe. Nelson Mandela—anti-apartheid icon, South Africa's first black president, and Nobel Peace Prize winner—passed away December 5th at the age of 95.


Photo courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

Week two's caption contest celebrating Miley Cyrus' 21st birthday was quite the hot topic with a volume of hot responses. Alas, here are our Six favorites: 1. "Tongue in cheek gal lets loose." -Mindfest 2. "Best of both worlds? Uh uh." -Lamom7 3.  "I understand his achy breaky heart." -NY2LA 4. "I was right: Everybody makes mistakes." -Claire 5. "Tough, tantalizing, twerking tongue twisters tonight?" -Almira 6. "Gene Simmons is my real father." -wolfie Week three of our caption contest continues with the celebration of, ironically, another 21st birthday: text messaging. [caption id="attachment_6706" align="aligncenter" width="325"]article_aad59c361b7b2305_1354557776_9j-4aaqsk photo via mysitepix.com/blog/314/how-sms-has-changed-the-world/[/caption]