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Happy Birthday, Jane Fonda: Caption Contest Week Five, Plus Week Four Favorites!

Week Four brought us an opportunity to reflect on Nelson Mandela’s incredible life and the legacy he left behind. Here are six of our favorites:

1. “Death will not diminish his life.”  -Leigh
2. “Voice of freedom nobody could silence.” -Lucle
3. “One man’s incarceration freed a nation.” -Staraj
4. “His long shadow circles our world.” -Wolfie
5. “Used his strengths to strengthen others.” –Bob McInnis
6. “Nelson’s trading stories with Mother Teresa.” -Lynn LeBlanc

Week five of the Caption Contest celebrates living life to the fullest as Jane Fonda turns 76!


Image courtesy of womensconference.org

Actress, activist, fitness guru, philanthropist, and all-around amazing woman, Jane Fonda has done it all. Between pedigree, celebrity and controversy, Fonda has stood in the limelight for decades and continues to awe with her vivacity for life. Celebrating her birthday on December 21st, we cannot wait to see what more Fonda has in store for us.

Although Fonda has chosen her own Six Words: “I’ve lived a very lubricated life,” you can join the party by coming up with your own! So caption this photo and pick your Six today!

Submissions accepted through Friday, December 20, 5pm EST.


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