What would love say to you in Six Words? Larry poses that challenge as a guest on Elizabeth Gilbert’s Letters From Love Newsletter

Six Gone Google

Rachel, Tim and I were delighted to be invited to the authors@google series today at company’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA. We told the story of the making of Not Quite What I Was Planning to a crowd of Googlers who we presume were not also going to see the tennis star James Blake later in the day, or didn’t have a massage scheduled (Google: they’re not like us). We’ll post the video once it’s on YouTube.

A beautiful bonus was that just a few days ago we learned that two of the book’s contributors, Jenn Shreve (“Blogging is easy. Writing is hard”) and Charles Warren (“On the playground, alone. 1970, today”), worked at the company; both joined us and graciously read their words aloud. We toured the company’s groovy campus, learned that 40 percent of the place’s electricity is provided by the solar panels in the parking lot, suggested they cut a deal with SMITH for six-word text ads (kidding! sort of…) and ate our weight in organic food and all-natural smoothies. I even managed to work in two shots of wheat grass within our two-hour visit (my memoir for this week? “On book tour with bronchitis; bleck”). But the highlight of the afternoon? Balls. We got to play in a box of balls.


  • jeremy
    February 20, 2008

    well i’m jealous…

  • Kim
    February 21, 2008

    We enjoyed having you!

  • MeGo (Melissa Gould)
    February 21, 2008

    How do we know you’re not playing in the IKEA ballroom? 🙂

  • S D Selamat
    February 25, 2008

    Hi, Larry/Rachel,

    I changed jobs in a hurry in August and never got around to sorting out my old emails/contacts. So I didn’t realise the book had been published until I got a Facebook message from a person I didn’t know : Fellow memoirst. Page one twenty three. I quickly accepted his friend request, searched Amazon and found the book!!

    Now, I’ve found this blog, the Flickr page, the Facebook page – although I haven’t yet registered in those groups (will do it tonight!).

    I was a smoker for 13 years, and had my last cigarette in November 2002. Even though it’s been over 5 years, the craving still hits me occasionally (not often, admittedly, but it still does). Like recovered alcoholics, I can never let my guard down have ‘just one puff’.

    My memoir? Oh, to have just one puff!


  • LitPark
    February 26, 2008

    How cool is that?! Can’t wait to see the YouTube of it!

  • Charles Warren
    March 1, 2008

    Great having you to the Plex!

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