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Six-Word MOMoir Winners

Moms rock. This we know well. And the more than 1,000 six-word momoirs that poured in over the last two weeks rocked our world six inspirational, funny, and unusual words at a time. Here’s to all the moms with so many more stories to tell, in six words and many more.

The three winning momoir entries are:
Jessika Blanton, “Mommy’s boobies no longer Daddy’s boobies.”
Tara Lazar, “Suffered miscarriage. Daughter offered her doll.”
Sheryl Stein, “Can I pee in private, please?”

And while not among the judge’s top three winners, an especially appropriate one at this time of year is the simply stated: “Call your mom. She misses you.” True that.

For more of our favorites from the moms, see the Featured Momoirs. The contest may be over, but moms of all ages are always encouraged to tell their story in six words here. Or in more words in our My Life So Far story project.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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