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The House That Six Built

From the mail:


Have to tell you the six story of the day.

My wife and I attended Yankee Stadium last Wednesday to see the Yankees beat the Orioles 6-4. We entered through Gate 6—as you see. The Yankees center fielder (Swisher—jersey reads 33) made a spectacular catch in the sixth inning—saving two runs that would have tied the game.

The victory (6-4) was the Yankees sixth straight victory, having won on Tuesday by 6-4 also.

(Note the bystander in the picture predicting there would be 2 six game

The victory on Wednesday brings the Yankees published winning percentage to
606 (two sixes)

The power of six,

Craig J.


  • Paul
    July 29, 2009

    the picture also predicts the score- 6 2 4 or 6 TE 4

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