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    Classroom of the Month: In Beverly, Mass. six-word pandemic stories connect a community.

    The Six-Word Book Launch Party

    rachel-summer.jpgWe packed the glorious Housing Works Bookstore with hundreds of the best people you could ever want to hear stories from—in six words or more. Contributors piled in from all over the country, including a certain 25 year-old Minnesotan who answers to the name Summer Grimes (seen on the still of the video below), and flew to New York just for the party. She wrote a six-word life story that goes like this: “Not quite what I was planning….”

    Not Quite What I Was Planning co-editor Rachel Fershleiser, SMITH cofounder Tim Barkow and I were on cloud nine as we pinballed across the party, seeing so many people who have made this little book so special. Galleycat: writer and six-book contributor Ron Hogan (”Internet famous, for what that’s worth”) does a recap: of the book launch party at the Housing Works with terrific photos (I like the blond in the first pic, myself) and The Publishing Spot editor Jason Boog shot and cut this brilliant video which perfectly captures the spirit of the night.

    Thanks to everyone for being a part of the family of storytellers we call SMITH.


    • Mike
      February 18, 2008

      Life is short, learn to count.

    • Bongos
      February 20, 2008

      Why is daddy lying on mommy?

    • Tom Buckner
      February 24, 2008

      I would have loved to go to this party, but couldn’t make the trip (I’m on page fifty). I’d had some practice, having written some six-word novels. I include a few here for those who may be interested:

      Clown car, burning. Forty dead? Fifty?

      Saudi king. Drag queen. Forbidden fruit.

      Antihero. Antichrist. Antimatter. Car chase. Anticlimax.

      “Adolf, liebchen: horny?” “ Nein! Raping Poland!’

      More here, at Jaime Morrison’s brilliant Nonist website:

    • Tieftkarena
      February 9, 2012

      must check extract audio from dvd and get big save suprisely

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