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Top Good News To Report

It’s easy to get bogged down in all the bad news of the world, so this month we asked you to stay positive and share some good news for a change. You wrote about finding happiness (“Yale’s happiness class is now free.” –TwoBillionSecondsOld) and love (“Nigerian Prince finally proposed to me.” –dean_morris). You shared stories of new life (“Grandbaby coming. Just call me Granny!”- LizMcGlincheyKing) and new citizenship (“A lovely friend became a citizen.” –akaals). But thankfully we still have cats (“Kittens aren’t on endangered species list.” –LadyMac) and caffeine (“Coffee always understands me. No judgment.“-traceintoronto) to get us through the tough times. Finally, in the words of CapeCodder, if all else fails at least “We’re all in this together.

The top six are:

6. “Hallelujah, my skin is clearing up.” –lucilleeeee

5. “All senses intact, even if rusty.” –CanadaGoose

4. “Girl Scouts are still selling cookies.” – CuzinVin

3. “Married for forty, still best friends” –Meetoo

2. “Stretching myself. Cutting back screen time.” – AROD

And the winner is…

1.”Heart keeps beating despite being broken.” –Poozie

Congratulations Poozie!

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