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Emergency room workers in the time of Covid are sharing why they do what they do in Six Words.

Top “I’m From” In Six

We ended 2019 with a bang in what became our most popular SixContest of the year as we asked you a question that seems easier to answer than it really is: Where are you from? Many answered literally (“I’m from deep south, California, Deutschland.“-Beyond.Hamilton), while others took a more metaphorical route (“I’m from anger, hostility and hope.” –favepeep). Some hail from many places (“I’m from two countries. Sixteen homes.“-oopsalittle), while others claim only one home (“Don’t mess with Texas, that’s me!“-JAD). Many are proud of their home (“I’m from the maple leaf forever.“-CanadaGoose) while a few of us are more flexible (“I’m from wherever gets me drinks.“-WonTonSean).  We all have one thing in common, a place that indeed grounds us as one people as Overlooking-A-Lake offers: “I’m from the planet Earth. You?”

Here are our favorites:

6. “I’m from hankypanky unexpectedly gone awry.” – Mikibits

5. “I’m from somewhere I’ve long forgotten.” – Anna1897

4. “I‘m from lofty expectations, modest encouragement.” – J3nny

3. “I’m from where nature meets nurture.” –CapeCodder

2. “I’m from immigrant hopes and fears.”  -PapaCraft (click the memoir to read the terrific backstory).

And our “I’m from” favorite is…

1. “I’m from their spark of hope.” – Neesha101

Congrats Neesha101!

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