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Top Secrets to Staying Sane

The holiday insanity is officially over! During December, Sixers shared their secrets to staying sane. Some offered practical advice (“No adult gift exchange. Kids only! ” –LadyMac), while others went with a more fantastical approach (“I’ll let Santa take the reins.”- FKA_Liza). Many suggested meditation (“Deep breath in, deep breath out.” –S.ScottWalker) while some favored total avoidance (“The solution to holiday stress: hibernation.” –No__One). Some solutions were more adult (“Foregoes lines. Carries mistletoe. Spikes nog.”-ctgoods2) and others offered a return to childlike wonder (“Be the kid you always were.” -Gency). No matter how you chose to stay sane this holiday season, keep jl333’s suggestion in mind for next year: “Sixing every day, keeps me sane“.

And our favorites ways of keeping it all together are…

6. “I scream into my wrapping paper” –Malski

5. “Read, meditate, stay out of malls.”liberatissima

4. “Resist traditions that hold you hostage.” –marymc

3. “Give Duck Tape, keep everyone together.” –raisedbywolves

2. “Go to everyone else’s holiday party.” –@ZaZuProduction

And the winner is…

1.”Kissing under mistletoe. Ultimate stress reliever.” –DynamicDbytheC

Congratulations DynamicDbytheC and Happy New Year!

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