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Top Seismic Shifts in Six Words

Ground-shaking. Earth-shattering. 9.5-Richter scale. That’s how we would describe your seismic shifts this month. We asked about your biggest life changes, and sixers wrote about changing location (“Experience seismic shifts. Move to California.” – Jl333), changing relationship status (“What changed my life? Got married“-MaryJane31), and changing your look (“Changed bad habits, then changed clothes.” – MotorCityMich). Some made shifts happen (“Creating my own ‘happily ever after.‘” – CatsMeow), others suffered things out of their control (“Suddenly, he’s forever without an anchor.” – JustAmy). Some alterations were generational (“Religion, politics create seismic family ripples.” – AROD), while others were just seasonal (“Summer to winter, seismic psychological shift.” – CanadaGoose). While all these shifts were huge, zsuzu‘s was particularly seismic: “First seismic shift was an earthquake.

Here are the six stories that really rocked our world:

6. “Nobody likes you.” “LOL, okay.”GraceAlbright.

5. “Those racial injustices implemented upon me.” – themoon

4. “Empty nest; now it’s my turn.” – curlygirly

3. “Left everybody. Forever. Migrated just five.” –@heltweet

2. “Second ring. Second chance. First love.” – Neesha101

And the winner is…

1. “Seismic’s leaving abuse. The shift’s freedom.” – J3nny

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