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New SixContest! “I can’t believe I did that! Share your weird, wild six-word stories.

Top Six-Word Survival Stories

For SixContest #111, we asked you to share your survival stories. Your shared playful stories about surviving early hours (“Coffee saves me every single morning”-@hikealot2014 ) and relieving stress (“Drowning troubles in bath of bubbles”canadagoose). You poured out your hearts with memories about becoming a mother (“Painful swollen arms cradled her newborn”- @salmeen_h) and losing a son (“My son died, still I breathe.” –Poozie). Sixers danced (“Releasing endorphins through bottled dance moves”– Arod) and flew (“Packed my own parachute. Ripcord worked.”- TagishCharley), emphasized the stress of everyday life (“Overloaded but haven’t short circuited…yet” –DynamicDBytheC) and the power of endurance (“Fell nine times; got up ten” mcavanagh). In the end, perhaps the reason we tell stories is to make getting through life just a little bit easier, as Kharis reminds us with her six-word wisdom: “Looked for words that inspired hope.”

We hope the words from our Top 6 favorite Six-Word Survival Stories inspire you:

6. “I threw away the suicide note.” – WriteOrDieGirl

5.“ My survival kit filled with poetry.” –CindyT

4. “Hitchhiked barefoot 1,000 miles. Soul soles.” –BentGuy

3. “Survived Rocky Road. Now eating it.” –JL333

2. “The Instead Box was for tears” – ChampagneAmongTheStars

And the winner is…

1.  “Sometimes survival becomes a personality trait.”-BeyondHamilton


  • Solstice
    May 1, 2018

    These are all absolutely phenomenal! from the shoutouts to the winners!

  • DynamicDbytheC/DDC
    May 2, 2018

    Love them all. And yes, survival must be a personality trait at some point if you want to keep going. The Rocky Road helps. In my case, jl333, it is Pralines and Cream. The cream is soothing. Great contest Larry.

  • Cindy
    May 2, 2018

    Congratulations to everyone who entered.

  • BeyondHamilton
    May 4, 2018

    I’m humbled to have the number one spot with so many amazing entries! Thank you!

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