New SixContest: Describe your best, your biggest, your most joyous Guilty Pleasures in Six Words!

Top Most Likely To…In Six Words

For SixContest #112, we asked you to share what you were or are “Most Likely To….” Your responses were a testament to the variety and diversity of this community. Some of us are peacekeepers (“Most likely to extend Olive Branch.” –JL333) and others are troublemakers (“Most likely to stir the pot.” –CanadaGoose). Some stay silent ( “Most likely to listen, not talk.“–@pbsharkey), while others say more than they should (“Most likely to pronounce (silent) letters.”-RaisedByWolves). Many shared a preference for quiet nights at home ( “Most likely to fall-asleep watching Netflix.”- SF51Girl), while others love the night life (“Greet sunrise wearing an evening gown.”Elisa_Shevitz). But there’s one superlative that all the Sixers have in common: “Most likely to share a story” —NateH2222. And Team Six? We’re Most Likely To…  read every story you write and come up with a Top 6. 

6. “Most likely to owe you money.”—BanjoDan

5. “Most likely to 
obscurity… ” –Beyond.Hamilton

4. “Most Studious, but wanted Best Dressed.” —N_Martin-Tungpalan

3. “Most unlikely to have unlikely life.”—JohnBigJohn  (Check out the backstory here.)

2.“Most likely to come in second.” — JAD

And the winner is…

1. “Most likely to lose any contest” —HobbitChild

Congrats to HobbitChild, whose story we’re delighted to give a new twist and send our Six-Word keychain.


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